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See a review of Austin real estate house sale data and related information including a detailed review of sold Austin real estate prices, recently sold real estate, including days on market, pending sales housing data and a review of real estate recently sold.

This review is for the period ending July 30, 2012.

How's the Austin real estate market?

When the question comes up in conversation - and it is mentioned that you are one of the top residential real estate agents in production in the Austin TX area - there is an expectation that you should be able to offer a detailed and credible answer. 

What is the Austin Real Estate Market Doing Right Now?

The overwhelming majority of Austin real estate agents are unfortunately generally unable to reliably answer this very basic real estate market question with regards to the overall Austin Real Estate market or any of the submarkets. 

Local changes in Austin area submarkets or even price ranges can be very rapid and dramatic. The Austin housing market is continuously changing - and the only way to credibly understand Austin real estate market conditions is to analyze, track and evaluate real-time market data.

We offer real estate market data reports based on community areas and zip codes - representing the most comprehensive set of real-time data for the Austin housing market.  This real estate data is provided from state of the art real estate market data provider Altos Research

Altos Research analyzes current real-time real estate activity-unlike other sources that can take months to release reports and/or are at least one quarter behind on available real estate market data, . We offer Austin Real Estate home buyers and Austin area home sellers access to real estate and up-to-date market information. And its available Today!

Local Austin Real Estate Market Data You Can't Get Anywhere Else

As a Austin Home Buyer or Austin Home Seller, its critical that you understand the momentum, dynamic and direction of the local Austin real estate market? More important, when you hire a real estate professional, can he or she provide you with the real estate data you need - either down to the zip code or submarket area level. We hear daily that the National Association of Realtors (NAR) have real estate data and reports that are available to all Austin realtors or The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO) - now known as Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) offers real estate market reports too.  Unfortunately, the reality is - neither of these organizations does and worse yet - the NAR data has been called into question recently based on accuracy and is under review and potential major revisions. 

Our site stands alone in providing our clients with the most accurate real time Austin Real Estate Market Housing Data and Trend Analysis.  In fact, based on our review, Austin Home Buyers or Austin Home Sellers can not access important Austin local housing data from any of these national sources of data.

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